Öllöv SoftStep

  -With a rubber shell and a core of steel-

Vi vill erbjuda hästar en skonsammare sko! För deras hälsa, komfort och säkerhet


Öllöv skor erbjuder stötdämpning i varje steg samt ett säkert och stabilt grepp. Minskad maxbelastning. Hästen rör sig mer avslappnat & naturligt i varje steg.


Naturligtvis är en gummihästsko som absorberar stötar och mikrovibrationer bekvämare för både häst och ryttare. Hästen är avslappnad även på hårdare underlag o tar för sig bättre i steget.


Att gå i en skonsammare sko är positivt för hela kroppen o kan bidra till att förebygga många komplikationer. Men i över 20 år har Öllövskor varit enastående även för rehab, inklusive till hästar med fång. Det ökade blodflödet i hov och ben är också positivt på många sätt.

Niklas Arvidsson

Öllöv Teamrider
Grand Prix rider – Sweden
Won 1:50m Gothenburg Summer Tour 2018 Grand Prix with Stallion Hasard wearing Öllöv

”Several of my horses, both young horses and some of our top performing horses, have Öllöv rubbershoes and I feel the horses are happy and comfortable with them. The excellent and safe grip in stables and while transporting is a great added benefit that helps make horses calm and relaxed”.

Miguel da Fonseca

Öllöv Teamrider
Working Equitation rider – Portugal
Titles: World champion, European champion, Portuguese champion

“Everything is about respecting the horse, to create a relationship and teamwork without dominance”. “With Öllöv the horses feel much more relaxed on slippery surfaces. I can work with them without thinking about that they might slip. I travel a lot and go to different shows where the horses have to perform their best, and Öllöv SoftStep makes that possible. I have no doubt horses work better when they are relaxed and comfortable.”

Rikke Svane

Öllöv Teamrider
Grand Prix Dressage – Denmark
Grand Prix & Grand Prix Special at WEG 2018, Tryon USA in Öllöv shoes

Representing both Öllov and the Danish National team in Dressage, Rikke Svane and her black Trakehner stallion Finckenstein TSF took part in the WEG 2018 in Tryon, North Carolina. As quoted by Rikke Svane, “The hoof quality has increased significantly on all my horses and I have also seen tremendous progress during training, as the horses feel more at ease and comfortable wearing the shoes, as well as performing better than ever”. The technology behind the shoes has also led to a better gait and more active hind legs. The SoftStep shoes are innovative, high-quality and phenomenal in every way.

Marcus Westergren

Part of Team Sweden – Jumping

”I have Öllöv SoftStep on all my competition horses including the horses I jumped in 2 nations cups with  and won Swedish Championship in 2019. The horses seem to enjoy the rubbershoes and are performing well with them. I see several advantages from them, horses are safe and stable on all different surfaces and we avoid slipping injuries. The shoes that are softer and wider than steelshoes, offer more surface to land on in each step, which I think is very positive. We don’t use any soles on the horses since we started with Öllöv and we have a lot less lost shoes.”

Lasse Kärvestedt


“During all my years as a farrier many of my customers have asked for innovation when it comes to horseshoes. Many products have come and gone over the years and I have always wanted to try myself and form my own opinion. So after 6 months of trying the Öllöv SoftStep on my own horses I started recommending them to clients and now after almost 2 years I am still convinced of the benefits of the shoe. It offers great grip and it feels like horses appreciate the shock-absorption”

Team Strauss

Combined driving – Sweden
Titles from: Swedish Championship, Nordic-Baltic Championship and European Youngster Championship

Team Strauss, a family where everyone competes in combined driving. Elise, Felix and Sofie, are all represented in the youngsters driving team of Sweden 2019. To have the best possible shoe solution for their driving horses is of outmost importance. “We work our horses on several different footing every day, often a lot on hard ground, therefore the unique Öllöv Softstep shoe is the best choice for us. When driving, and having a pressure from behind due to quickly reduction of speed or in the need for a heavy push forward, it demands a lot of the horses trust and body-strength to handle. With the comfort of a better grip and shockabsorption, it makes it so much better for the horses. We would say that, both us and our horses have better self-confidence feeling secure with the grip and can perform more relaxed. And above all other positive things the horse’s hoofs grow better and we have had no drop shoes since we started using them!


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