Easy, Quiet and Comfortable to Shape and Nail.

The technically advanced new rubber shoe – The Öllöv SoftStep – is the result of several years of very thorough work by farriers and riders in developing and improving the shoe further. Great attention has been on producing a rubber shoe of the highest possible quality. Extensive testing over a long time has been done to ensure that the rubber can withstand rough use and last as long as a steel shoe. And it really does!

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A New Generation Rubber Shoe

This new generation Öllöv has a different forged steel core than previous versions. Now there’s not a big difference in how to shoe and process our rubber shoe and a regular steel shoe. And it doesn’t require any special tools, and once you get used to working with it, it takes the same time to shoe as regular shoes.

A long list of details have been changed and tweaked. For example, there is a forged steel core, easier to shape. The pattern in the rubber has been changed to provide better grip even on slippery grass, and the rubber itself is optimized to absorb heavy shock and vibrations.

You are sure to appreciate how quiet it is to work with this rubber shoe and also notice how relaxed the horses are with the quiet shoeing.

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Shaping & Shoeing

Deepen the Nails

Rubber Shell, Steel Core – a Great Combination for all Riding Styles

The combination of rubber shell and steel core makes this shoe a very good choice for most horses. It has all the advantages of a steel shoe but without some of the disadvantages. For example the pattern of the rubber offers excellent grip on many surfaces including grass.

And it’s absolutely outstanding for horses that are worked on any hard surface such as police- and trail horses. The shoe absorbs shocks and vibrations exceptionally well, making it much more comfortable than a steel shoe.

It is also widely popular for horses performing in various disciplines from jumping, dressage, eventing, distance, working equitation and many more riding styles.

The Öllöv rubber shoes have also been used extensively for over 20 years for horses in different rehab situations with excellent results. Horses suffering from laminitis, or returning from back, leg and hoof issues recover faster with Öllöv shoes. The new generation shoes will improve on this health legacy even further.

  • Sizes available are 3×0 – 4, new sizes för Öllöv, now matching Mustad etc. See size chart for specific measures.

  • The rubber prevents snow from sticking so no snow soles are needed.

  • 8 nail holes – the new patented nailhole fit the nail of your choice! No special nails recommended but a perfect choice is Reg – Type, RN – Type for thin hoofwalls.

  • Clips: front – toe, hind – sides.

  • Sold in boxes of 20.

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The Product

Absolutely outstanding for horses worked on hard surfaces, policehorses, trailhorses etc. Suitable for horses performing in various disciplines, jumping, dressage, eventing, and more. Excellent for horses in different rehab situations, for example laminatis.

Manuel Gelo

Well known farrier among sporthorses in Spain, specially in Andalucia.
Official farrier of:

•PRE World Champion at SICAB.
•Spanish Doma Vaquera Champion.
•Rank N1 Cavalier of rejoneo.
•Spanish Showjumping Vice Champions.

“Being a good farrier means constantly improving technically but also using best products and materials. Innovation towards comfort it’s the key to increase horses performance, Öllöv seems to have it all”.

Lasse Kärvestedt


“During all my years as a farrier many of my customers have asked for innovation when it comes to horseshoes. Many products have come and gone over the years and I have always wanted to try myself and form my own opinion. So after 6 months of trying the Öllöv SoftStep on my own horses I started recommending them to clients and now after more than another year I am still convinced of the benefits of the shoe. It offers great grip and it feels like horses appreciate the shock-absorption”

Martin Vögele

Farrier (Schmiedemeister, Hufbeschlagschmied, Huftechniker GdHK). 5th generation farrier in his family, has been working with alternative shoes since 1986 including titanium, aluminium, rubber and plastic shoes. Shoes exclusively with Öllöv shoes to all clients since 2003. Martin is the main designer behind the new Öllöv SoftStep and a key advisor.

“Before I came in contact with Öllöv in 1994, I tried to find always the best shoe for every single horse out of a huge range of shoes I carried with me. Starting shoeing Öllöv shows me that I keep a shoe in my hand which makes every horse happy! The only difference is I have to use other skills with the same tools! I had to arrange my daily work a little bit different, that’s it. And as I invented to use the reverse shod Öllöv to treat lame horses, especially in case of laminitis I found my personal determination. Lots of foundered horses found an easy way back to be sound again in the last 2 1/2 decades. I am proud to be an ambassador of one of the best horseshoes ever made.”