Most users feel a very noticable difference in how the horse moves. The horse will feel sure and safe with the new grip and comfortable in every step and therefore it is common to experiece how the hose feels more relaxed in every step. A more resiliant step and an eagerness to work are other common comments. The full difference is showing up about the second shoeingperiod.  The added bloodflow promotes a healthy hoof with good growth and by then the horse has gotten used to the new shoes.

Absolutely! As with all horseshoes it depends on the wear and tear but they will last as long as the traditional steelshoe. With normal wear you may even be able to use the shoe for a second shoeperiod.

Yes the snow wont stick to the shoe and hoof in the same way and therefore you dont need to add anything to keep the snow off.

The new Öllöv SoftStep now has the same sizescheme as major steelshoe brands such as Mustad, Kerkheart and others. Please check our sizechart on the product page were you can see measurements and also compare to other sizes.

Rubber is wellknown for its excellent shockabsorbing qualities and the rubber in the Öllöv shoe reduces the shock and vibration that travels up through the horse and on to the rider. This is one reason why the Öllöv Shoe is so popular among riding police for example that spend many hours on the horse riding on hard ground.

Yes definately. These rubbershoes have been sucessfully used on horses with laminaties issues for over 20 years. The softer, shockabsorbing shoe provides added relief.

Yes, you can shoe only front with Öllöv rubbershoes.

The steelcore of the shoe is 6 mm and the total shoe including the rubbershell is 15-16,5 mm thick, depending on size. The largest sizes are somewhat thicker. The horse quickly gets used to the new “higher” shoes. Some horses can stumble somewhat for a few days especially downhill, but after a few days the horse will be used to the different feel of the new shoe.

Yes the shoes can have 2 or 4 studs per shoe. Currently we only offer shoes without pre-drilled studholes, but during 2018 we will start offering shoes with pre-drilled holes. Farriers can watch our film on how to drill the holes. 5/16 studs work best for the shoes. We also offer suitable studs in our webshop.

Does the shoe have a correct sliding-phase? Yes our goal has been to design a shoe that has a sliding phase that is very close to that of a naked hoof on most surfaces and that is what test show that our shoe has. About 20 years ago a 2 year study at SLU (Swedish Agricultural University) helped us find the correct rubber that will give a good sliding-phase. The new shoe the SoftStep has the same rubber and recent test both our own extensive testing and test done by Chalmers Technical University, show that the shoe is close to the naked hoof both on hard surface and on fiber sand.