About us

Behind the production and sale of every Öllöv horse shoe, there is a true passion for offering horses all over the world a better, more comfortable shoe.

The first version of the Öllöv Rubber Horseshoe was produced over 25 years ago by Halmstad Gummifabrik in Sweden. This type of product was brand new back then and as many ground breaking inventions, a second, further improved and enhanced product was quickly needed.  Based on the results from a 2 year scientifically university study conducted at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), a second, more advanced version was launch in 1998. Since then the Öllöv shoe has been used by horses in most disciplines all over the world. The shoe has been appreciated by horses and riders of all kinds and the users range from international jumpers, to police horses and a great number of horses in rehab from various back, leg and hoof issues.

The current shoe, the Öllöv SoftStep (and soon Öllöv Racing), is the result of several years of very thorough work by farriers and horse owners in developing and improving the shoe further. A long list of details have been changed and tweaked, for example, the Öllöv SoftStep is 30% faster to process and nail for the farrier than previous shoe. The rubber pattern has been changed to provide better grip even on slippery grass and the rubber itself is optimized to absorb shock and vibrations.