Run Free

We love horses! We believe they deserve to have their full potential released by wearing the best possible shoes for health, comfort and safety.

The new Öllöv SoftStep with a rubber shell and a core of steel will give you that amazing sensation that you and your horse can achieve anything. Go anywhere, run free…


The Öllöv Rubbershoe offers added comfort in every step, as well as a safe and stable grip. The horse simply moves more natural and will be happy and eager to perform its best. It´s about offering the chance to release the full potential of the horse.


Naturally, a rubber horseshoe absorbing shocks and vibrations is more comfortable for both horse and rider. The horse is relaxed even on harder surfaces. Both horse and rider will notice a remarkable difference in every step.


For over 20 years, the Öllöv rubbershoes have been absolutely outstanding for many different rehab situations, including for horses with laminitis. The rubber shell reduces the risk of overexertion and injuries to joints, ligaments and tendons.

Niklas Arvidsson

Öllöv Teamrider
Grand Prix rider – Sweden
Won 1:50m Gothenburg Summer Tour 2018 Grand Prix with Stallion Hasard wearing Öllöv

”Several of my horses, both young horses and some of our top performing horses, have Öllöv rubbershoes and I feel the horses are happy and comfortable with them. The excellent and safe grip in stables and while transporting is a great added benefit that helps make horses calm and relaxed”.

Miguel da Fonseca

Öllöv Teamrider
Working Equitation rider – Portugal
Titles: World champion, European champion, Portuguese champion

“Everything is about respecting the horse, to create a relationship and teamwork without dominance”. “With Öllöv the horses feel much more relaxed on slippery surfaces. I can work with them without thinking about that they might slip. I travel a lot and go to different shows where the horses have to perform their best, and Öllöv SoftStep makes that possible. I have no doubt horses work better when they are relaxed and comfortable.”

Gonçalo Pinto

Öllöv Teamrider
Grand Prix jumper – Portugal

Working with a lot of young horses it feels great to be able to give them the feeling of comfort and safety from the Öllöv shoes. With that they get more confident and calm, and that helps a lot in all disciplines but specially jumping. With Öllöv I give them the best shoes to stay healthy for a long time”. “I also feel much safer when they travel with the Öllöv SoftStep, they can walk out safe from the transport in new environments and even if they are a bit stressed I know that they will not slip”.